Ton Thörn
Head Coach

Ton has been the Swedish National Coach 7 times and is also the personal coach of Henric Wigforss, 2023 Optimist World Champion.

Lova Forssén

Lova is an optimist coach specialized in team racing. She is based in Stockolm and coaches the black level optimist group at RSYC.

Tindra Forssén

Tindra is an experienced ILCA 6 sailor and is currently the head coach of RSYC.

Kerem Sancak

Kerem is an experienced coach from Turkey, now based in Sweden. He is specialized in team leader roles and mental preparation.

Henric Wigforss
Assistant Coach

Reigning Optimist World Champion, enough said.

William Drakenberg
Assistant Coach

William has sailed the Optimist European Championship. He is also a decorated TV-chef, so the Vikings will never stay hungry.

Malcolm Dahlberg
Assistant Coach

Malcolm has participated in three Optimist World Championships with an 8th as the best result. Malcolm sails ILCA 4 today.

Maurizio Bencic
Guest Coach

The by far most experienced Viking. He is also the lead designer of One Sails.